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The earliest definitive medical reference for healing massage comes from Ancient Egypt around 3000 BC. Wall carvings discovered in the tomb of renowned healer Ankhmahor reveals ancient Egyptian healers, engaged in massage, working on their patients.

Ancient Egyptian healing massage is can now be referred to as a branch of Alternative Medicine. It is a gentle art, compelling science, and an extremely effective form of therapy enabling the body to heal itself.
Also referred to as a holistic healing technique- derived from the Greek word holos, meaning "whole", it's purpose is to treat the client as an individual incorporating body, mind, and spirit.

With the object of the whole person in mind, healing massage induces a state of balance and harmony.
When we experience stress, injury, disease or illness our system is forced into a state of imbalance, vital energy pathways are blocked, preventing our bodies from functioning effectively.

Ancient Egyptian healing massage was used then, and is now used to restore and maintain the bodys natural balance and promote healing.
The art of Ancient Egyptian healing massage must not be mistaken for simple massage or full body massage.

It is a specific technique that works on
actual life energy (KA) pathways in the body as well as the physical body. Trained sensitive hands can detect tiny deposits along with imbalances in the body and by working these points, the ancient Egyptian healing massage therapist can release blockages and restore the free flow of energy to the entire body. Tensions are eased, while improving elimination and circulation.


~Stress related conditions~

~Digestive disorders~

~Sleep disorders~
~Preventative treatment~



~Increased energy~

Since energy healing massage treats not just the symptoms of disease, but the whole person, Most people benefit from this type of treatment.
Ancient Egyptian healing massage was and is one of the most powerful treatments available to healer Priests, and effective in only 20 to 30 minutes.

The healing massage is based on the ancient Egyptian theory that pressure points on various places on the body including the head and ears control the whole body.
Through light pressure point massage, specific areas of the body including the head and ears are stimulated to release tension, reduce fatigue and improve physical balance.

Feet, legs, pelvis, abdomen, chest, scalp, face, neck, shoulders, lower and upper back, hands and arms include some of the specific areas of the body targeted in the healing massage technique.
Healing massage is known to alleviate stress as much as boost the energy level.

The ancient Egyptians knew that healing massage can actually rid the body of lingering toxins, enhance the health of the organs and the body, as well as aid in weight loss.
Ancient Egyptian healing massage is based on the belief that by balancing the energy in the body, various parts of the body are consequently healed.

Healing massage also
works by relieving the body of stress. It is use for relaxing tension. And since over 75% of health problems can be related to nervous stress and tension, the pressure applied to the specific zones of the body stimulates the nerve connected to the corresponding gland, area, or part of the body.

In performing healing massage, only the fingers and hands are used. Also, the use of gadgets, oils or lotions are unnecessary. There are no side effects in having an ancient Egyptian healing massage session. Ancient Egyptian healing massage is a therapy focused on normalizing body functions. It is a safe and effective method of improving one's health.

In fact, it is a remedy for various illnesses related to the skin, digestive system, circulatory system, nervous system, immune system, respiratory system, and joints.
However, just like every other treatment, precaution is strongly advised for those who are suffering from serious medical conditions and disease such as heart and kidney problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, epilepsy and others, you should consult you physician about having any kind of massage sessions.

Minor detoxification symptoms may include a slight worsening of the condition or drying of the mouth which likely will pass shortly after.
Whether you've had regular massage therapy or not, you probably know about it's relaxing, de-stressing benefits...but, did you know that Ancient Egyptian healing massage can also be used to help treat more involved conditions such as: chronic pain, auto accident injuries, repetitive stress injuries, sports injuries, headaches, arthritis, fybromyalgia, computer strain, and depression.

It is probably not by chance that you are reading this,
or that you are ready for

You probably know that you need work, physically or emotionally, or both. You are probably feeling out of sorts and out of balance with your life.
You may have previously tried other modalities and treatments and have not really achieved relief from suffering and balance. Also you may not be enjoying happiness and peace with yourself in the time you have been living this life.

The effects of ANCIENT EGYPTIAN ENERGY HEALING COLOR MASSAGE are not only internal but external. You will feel different and look different, and you will notice that you are more open with people and that people are responding differently to you. Trusting in the process is important and the outcomes for self and those around you will be brilliant and satisfying.

ANCIENT EGYPTIAN ENERGY HEALING COLOR MASSAGE is for anyone carrying unresolved pain and anyone wanting to be their best in relating to themselves and others.
Ancient Egyptian healing massage is the oldest form of medical therapy practiced on the human body. The different styles of massage and the various techniques that encompass them, date back to our most ancient civilizations including ancient Greece and Rome, ancient India and China.

Dating as far back as 3000 B.C., ancient Egyptian and later Eastern Chinese cultures practiced massage to heal a variety of ailments from labor pain to paralysis. Some ancient Egyptian tombs have been discovered adorned with images of figures being massaged. In addition, according to traditional Indian medicine, a system known as Ayurveda, therapeutic massage was performed using a variety of aromatherapy oils and spices for their healing properties.

Even Greek and Roman celebrities such as Julius Caesar, underwent daily massages to treat pain.
Now traditional healthcare facilities throughout North America are finally recognizing the important therapeutic benefits that massage therapy gives its patients. Lately, massage therapy has become integral to the health care industry.

It’s used to treat every patient imaginable – those with illnesses, chronic diseases, and also average people who are looking to attain a higher sense of well-being, and inner and outer harmony.
Massage therapy has finally escaped the term “alternative therapy”. It’s now taking it's natural place as a vital part of the health care practices of many people living in today's stress-heavy world.

A stressful environment has made massage therapy a vital part
of health care. Recently, Health Forum released their annual survey, conducted on behalf of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA). This new national survey polled hospitals and clinics across the nation on their use of massage therapy. The survey revealed that the number of hospitals that now offer massage therapy as a patient service has increased by more than one third over the past two years.

This means that American Hospitals have recognized the benefits that massage gives patients, and as a result 71 percent are now offering massage therapy for stress management, patient comfort, improved joint and muscle mobility, pregnancy, physical therapy, infant care, as part of both their post and pre-operative programs and also to comfort those in hospice facilities.

Of those hospials surveyed:
67% now offer massage to patients experiencing chronic pain, such as fibromyalgia. 52% have incorporated massage into their cancer care programs. 52% now offer massage to physically-challenged or rehab patients to improve mobility. 67% offer healing hands to their staff to cut down on work-related stress and illnesses. All day long, most people are involved in unnatural activities.

With aging one looses the agility and quickness of youth. Physical and mental strain cause weakness in the nerves and improper circulation of vital life fluids. Anxiety, tension, constant worrying and dissatisfaction have a detrimental effect on the body. These enemies of mental and physical well-being are known to bring on premature aging.
To avoid this relaxation is a must.

Massage is one of the most if not the most
beneficial remedy for stress and tension. Massage makes life energy flow through your body. Massage vibrates and energizes the: skin, muscles and nerves simultaneously and helps the body become light, active and full of vitality. Massage adds a natural shine to the skin and increases beauty. Massage is also known to increase intelligence, stamina, sexual vitality and self-confidence.

As the Massage help to relax the central nervous system, healing happens on multiple levels: mental, physical, and emotional.
Solid research has proven that massage therapy can:
Boost the immune system
Significantly lower blood pressure
Comfort those going through drug or alcohol withdrawal
Sooth chronic joint and muscle pain
Battle fatigue
Ease stress
Combat depression

After a massage, most people feel very relaxed. Some experience freedom from long-term aches and pains developed from tension or repetitive activity. After an initial period of feeling slowed down, people often experience increased energy, heightened awareness, and greater productivity which can last for days.

Since toxins are released from your soft tissues during a massage, it is recommended that you drink plenty of water
following your massage. After your massage a hot Epsom salt bath encourages the release of toxins that may have been stirred up from the treatment. A small minority of people experience heavy detox symptoms (headache, feeling very weak,tired) but the vast majority will feel lighter, less stressful and happier.

Epsom salt bath
For general use add at least one handful of the crystals to your bath. For chronic conditions such as arthritis use 500-780 grams. Be sure to stir the salts thoroughly so they do not remain in a lump at the bottom. Touch is vitally important to human wellbeing, especially in the modern world where social inhibitions have led to limited touching between people, and the pressures of daily life mean that we all suffer from stress and tension.

Massage is the ideal way to ease tension and soothe tight muscles resulting from these conditions.
In reality, massage is an advanced and conscious form of our instinctive and innate ability to offer healing through the laying-on-of-hands. I

n this respect, tender loving touch may be just as important to our health as food and cleanliness.
Indeed, psychologists tell us, that stroking and caressing especially during infancy, is vital to our emotional and physical development. When touching takes the form of skilled and sensitive massage, not only does it relax and revitalise an ailing or tired body, it is also a way of communicating warmth, reassurance and a sense of self worth and we are nurtured on every level of our being.

Massage is an ancient, revered form of healing that has been practiced for thousands of years by every society, community, tribe or group of people. It has been performed by healers, shamans, medicine men and women, by medical personnel. In ancient Egypt, it was the duty of the High Priest to give the Pharaoh his daily session. The Incas began all healing activities with a invigorating massage. Today, most sportsmen and women are well conversed with this energising art form.

Many people are questioning the wisdom of using drugs constantly, while understanding the fact, that medical drugs handle only symptoms, not causes. As massage is among the "fast acting" healing modalities from the Body's point of view (within the Body-Mind-Spirit triumvirate), it is expected that very soon it will gain a regular notation in every health conscious individual's diary.

Massage will benefit every living being, young and old, human and animal. All Beings need tenderness, connection and nurturing, irrespective of who they are, what they are or where they are coming from.
From the physical point of view, the benefits are considerable. Massage enhances blood circulation, which is a vital function for our bodies to operate to full capacity.

When our circulation is less than fully efficient, our bodies are receptive to a host of different ailments, problems and illnesses.
When we do not exercise regularly, our lymphatic system will store toxins, instead of eliminating them. As the lymphatic system is being pumped clean by moving muscle tissue, lack of exercise will effect this toxin-storing action. This is a direct cause of many serious conditions. Massage effecting the lymphatic glands is the only other means of draining them.

By using "pressure points" while facilitating massage, virtually any organ in our system can be manipulated, eased, moved, creating a condition of healing. Very often, by employing massage, healing results can be achieved where drugs have failed. And unlike drugs, massage does not have side effects. It uses all the natural energies within the body, and in a "holistic" massage-sequence, also energies all around the body, and beyond.

The healing effect of massage has always been recognised by medical science. The physical stimulus gained in the process can only enhance healing. Massage creates an automatic feeling of relaxation, which is the basis of any healing process needed to take place.



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